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I’m the Mr side of team Heron. How i’ve ended up a Mr is beyond me as I can’t even stand myself at times. The fact that my better half has committed to life of dealing with me…well…medals should be presented to her.

Anyhow, rather than just writing blog I wanted to tell you about who I am, and what I’m about – will hopefully give you some context about my changeable natterings.

I am, first and foremost, a avid exerciser. By this i mean that if i can turn any activity, from putting the food shopping away to walking into town, I will and I will do it with gusto.

What I enjoy most is long distance running. Not long distance such as 10k or marathon, I’m talking about 30+ miles through mud and over hills. I kind of missed the marathon distance and went straight to being out in the peak district for 6+ hours at a time.


This is me (in blue) and my brother after completing a 60 mile race in the peak district.

I’m not one for competing or setting PBs or keeping my BPM at a certain rate. I enjoy getting good times and coming close to the front but this summer I realised that what I enjoy most about running is the being outside and the adventure and challenge aspect of it all. Running fast is hard to do, hard to train and feels horrific while your giving it beans.

What I want to do it go for as long as I can with the highest elevation possible.

I don’t read about running, I don’t have subscriptions  to all the mags and I don’t enter every single race and talk about vo2 max, cadence an pace splits… what i actually do is go out there and do it. I like challenging myself and giving it a go.

This has led me to sign up to the Skyrunning UK  – I’ll be writing about this further in a different blog as I have far too much to say about it.

So, other than running, my main life focus is Kim! my life and my everything. When we first met I would have never dreamed that we’d be married and buying a house together, then again I didn’t think the one was out there for me – but she is and I found her.

We have had some amazing adventures together, from moving to a new area, driving 5 hours down to Bath for a 2 hour race and then 5 hours back. One of our first day trips was to the Singing Ringing Tree on a cold, snowy day. 217472_10151376971487645_1916234020_n

For me that was great as I like the outdoors and I quite like the cold. Kim however does not like the cold….at all….one bit…and when cold really does not want to be dragged outside, walking up hills for 4 hours.

Oh well, I made up for it with a fire side pub meal.


What i’ll be offering will be the guys side of things from our lives. So the budget autumn wedding through my eyes as a lot of my panics and worries were not flowers or colour pallets but logistics, affording it and making sure that my wife to be had the best day possible – it was quite a lot of pressure that i put on myself but we can go into that on a different post.

Also I want to tell you of my story and journey in the challenges that I take running wise and also professionally – I quit a really good job and work for myself.

Anyhow, thank you for taking time to visit this page and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Alex Heron