Scuba Diving in the Dominican

Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

Whilst on our honeymoon we decided to conquer our fear of open water and try out scuba diving – we now love it and vow to do it every country that has great (shark free) waters!



Alex surrounded by the pretty fish

Mr H surrounded by the pretty fish


My Little Mermaid Moment


Dory Fish!

Our honeymoon was in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata.

Lots of Love

Mrs H


The Bridesmaid Dresses

The Bridesmaid Dresses

I chose to have 7 bridesmaids which at first I thought was a fantastic idea until it come around to the dress part, all of my adult bridesmaids are different shapes and sizes and all wanted to achieve a different

I wanted the girls to choose their own dress which they would be comfortable with and the girls all decided to buy their own dresses.  I was really happy about this plan and it meant that the girls all had different dresses but in the same colours.

The colour scheme was Navy and Peach which gave the girls the option of either colour however they all chose Navy.

The Shops

The girls got their dresses from ASOS / Missguided and BHS. ASOS at the time had a Wedding Edit and had lots of dresses in the same colour in different styles which was perfect. Not to mention a LOT cheaper than getting them made to measure.

Luckily navy was a very popular colour last year and the likes of BHS and Missguided all had dresses in that colour.

My only worry was that colours tend to differ from shop to shop, however they were all almost identical in colour!

Tips for letting the bridesmaids pick their dresses

  1. Facebook Page- The first thing I did was to set up a Facebook group with all of the girls that I could post ideas and messages whilst communicating to all of the girls at once. It worked really well and we also had a group chat (nightmare when at work!)
  1. Make the decision on colour, length and style – Ultimately it is still your decision about the look and feel of the dresses, if you are anything like me you will have a picture of how you want the day to be and only you know if their dresses will fit the bill.
  1. Discuss details – Talk to your bridesmaids about the details such as sleeve length, overall style, sparkle, no sparkle. If you prefer the girls to choose something simple, tell them. It took me a while to make these decisions and my girls got a bit confused and unsure until I set up the rules.
  2. Top 3 – Once the girls have looked, ask them to send you a link to their favourite three dresses. You then pick the one that you like the most. OR you choose a selection of dresses and then get them to pick which one they want.
  3. Dress rehearsal – The best way to ensure that the dresses all look good together is to get the girls together and have a dress reveal. This way if one really doesn’t go you can change it before the big day.


If you want to know anything more about the navy blue bridesmaid dresses or for more tips on how to get bridesmaid dresses that they all agree on please Tweet me @LifeofaHeron

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– Mrs H



The perfect wedding gift for the Disney obsessed bride

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Bell Jar

My husband presented me with the best wedding present a Disney lover could ask for – a personalised Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Bell Jar


For those that don’t know me, I’m a bit of a Disney geek. My absolute favourite film is Beauty and the Beast. The stunning opening sequence never fails to give me chills and the message that beauty is found within and love can be found in unexpected places, has stuck with me ever since I was a little girl.

I fell in love with the Tale as Old as Time and most who know me, know that I still cry at the end and own two copies of the film on DVD (Limited Edition and Blue Ray obvs)

Mr H  knows how much I love the film and got me probably the best wedding present EVER! In fact I’d say the best present ever, he’s going to have to work hard to top that – unless of course he got me fluffy puppy named chip then maybe that would beat it.

On our wedding day, Alex presented me with my very own enchanted rose in a bell jar! The base was handmade by a talented craftsman and readAlex and Kim Heron 9.10.15. Alex said the “flower will never die and neither will my love for you” well I cried.  A lot.

Here it is the moment that Alex gave it to me


If you want to know where Mr H commissioned the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Bell Jar then please leave us a comment.

Lots of Love,

– Mrs H