Diary of a serial pinner

Diary of a serial pinner

Ever since we got engaged I’ve been a little obsessed with Pinterest. Even though it gives you unrealistic ideals about how the final result will look, it is still my go-to stop when I’m starting a new project.  So, I’ve decided to share my Pinterest exploration sessions on here with a new blog series called ‘Diary of a serial pinner’, I’ll share my boards with you and my favourite inspirational ideas that help me basically design my whole life!

To kick off the series I’ll share the beginnings of our nursery project! Yes, MR H and I are expecting our first baby and we are so excited. Of course, as soon as I found out I took to Pinterest searching nursery ideas.

Here is the space that we are working with. It’s quite tight so we are going to have to be clever with the layout and the furniture that we put in.


Here are some of my favourite ideas from across Pinterest.

Disney Themed Nurseries

I’m a huge Disney fan so my first port of call was to find rooms that looked like they came right out of a fairy tale.  A few of these are quite out there and thematic however I just had to share them for my not-so-inner Disney nerd!


1 – https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/330873903859907636/

2- https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/330873903859907737/

3 – https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/281545414183239713/

I think going for more subtle details is a good way to go, and I’m definitly going to put some disney illustrations as wall art. Here a few of my favourite nursery accessories and wall decals that are not-so-subtle hints and your favourite movies.


Neutral Nursery Ideas

Bringing myself back out of my Disney dream land I went on to search for more ‘realistic’ ideas.  I love the use of jungle animals and trendy grey and white colour palettes, especially good when I’m working with a small space and for keeping the space gender neutral.  Here are my favourite neutral nursery ideas.

Super cute right?

Small space nursery ideas

As we are working with a small space, I wanted to see how all of the baby’s things can work in a space.  I think the best way to use a small space is to use as little free standing furniture as possible and make use of tall ceilings by using wall space and colour. My favourite small space nursery ideas are below.

The final cut

After lots of searching we decided to go for a grey and white colour palette with yellow and navy accents as a nod to my favourite Disney film ever, Beauty and the Beast. We are having a little boy and we want to keep the space fairly easy to keep as he grows up and he can decide what type of room he wants.

These are a few things that I’ve collected from the web that will create our perfect small space nursery.  Hopefully the final result will look somewhat like the pins that I’ve seen, perfectly styled by designers. I’m planning on upcycling some pieces for the nursery and creating some prints which I’ll share as I go along.

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