Curiosity caused the gas leak

Curiosity killed the cat caused the gas leak!

You know that scene in Friends where Monica finds the switch that does nothing in the boys apartment and investigates… can see where this is going..

(In this scene I am Monica and MRS H is Joey)

In the office there is such a switch. Even more annoyingly it has a red light above it that glows arrogantly when it is on.

What does it operate? where does the cable go? why is it there? I must know! Removing floor boards didn’t help. Pulling the cabling and trying to follow it didn’t help. Turning EVERYTHING off in the house and demanding silence didn’t help.


By this time the investigations had led me into the late of night and from a comment of “you best put those floor boards back as they were” from the Wife (we are sanding them down rather than carpeting) I felt the pressure and tiredness creep in

Floor board down, reluctant happiness and pleasure that everything was put away and I could go home…..i noticed a wobble. This wobble in the board would do. AHA but I had tools…namely a hammer and a nail.

Perfect…..err not so much……

Hammer + nail + gas pipe = Gas Safe repair man being called



  • Turn gas off, don’t panic, call a gas safe company any they will fix it.
  • You DO NOT need to call the gas board (the gas is in your home and you have made it save by switching the gas off)
  • It should cost no more than £150
  • Remove the nail from the board before you put it back on
  • Don’t panic
  • Don’t smoke in that room
  • Take photos and wear it like a badge of honor

-Mr H


Scuba Diving in the Dominican

Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

Whilst on our honeymoon we decided to conquer our fear of open water and try out scuba diving – we now love it and vow to do it every country that has great (shark free) waters!



Alex surrounded by the pretty fish

Mr H surrounded by the pretty fish


My Little Mermaid Moment


Dory Fish!

Our honeymoon was in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata.

Lots of Love

Mrs H


Castello Heron

The wedding, the honey moon, the new job and now… house. Can i shout ‘Bingo’ yet? oh wait, puppies and offspring….so no, not bingo yet (thankfully)

Castello Heron is a project. By project I mean imagination is required when you step across the thresh hold. The property hasn’t left the 70’s with its deep red carpets, multi layer thick padded wallpaper (in every room) and its chip shop style kitchen. In fact, on removing some of this ghastly wallpaper we saw the names of the previous owners and the date of ‘August 1977’.

Are we developers? No. Do we have experience of doing up a house? No. Are we going to give it a go? Yes. Are we going to make mistakes? YES definitely

But we will have some fun.





Yes – that is a McDonald’s you spy – how else are you to welcome a new house?

So there is a lot of work to do with this house – most of it cosmetic but the kitchen may be some else all together – watch this space!

Although a big project and something that will require us to spend a lot of time in addition to training and full time work, it will be worth it. Having a home for me and my wife will be incredible and having the practice to then take onto our forever after house (where ever and when ever that will be) will be invaluable.

One note before I go, having to gut a house down to its bear bones does provide the opportunity to make finds under floor boards and behind walls. One of which is an amazing 1950’s fire place still retaining its original waterheating pipes.

Before we started to investigate the electric fire place stood out in the living room, taking up quite a bit of room. neither me or Kim liked the fire place so it had to go.

On removing the electric fire place we found a rotted piece of plasterboard….what could be behind it???











So there you have it.

Enjoy the coming updates and wish us luck!


-Mr H